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<<<September 28, 2009--Special Announcement regarding the FDA-- We are currently reviewing our site to assure that all regulations are adhered to. If anything on this site is counter to the following , please call so that we can clarify. The ARP is a Class 2 medical device which the FDA has authorized for the following uses:

· Muscle Re-education

· Relaxation of muscle spasms

· Increased local blood circulation

· Prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy

· Maintaining and increasing range of motion

The ARP utilizes exclusive Protocols which are designed to maximize each of the above benefits.>>>

I have found the Best System in the World for Recovery from Injury and for Training. Not only will you be able to perform your sport at the highest possible level but you will have trained your muscles in a way that greatly reduces your chance of injury!

At ARPwave NJ our mission is to rapidly heal injuries AND prevent muscle related injuries in Athletics as well as in the Workplace.


  • targets injury at the source
  • eliminates inflammation
  • dramatically accelerates the recovery of all soft tissue injury and surgery
  • rapidly recovers lost strength and range of motion, and
  • improves ALL human performance.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

  • InBalance Muscle Testing to be sure all of your muscles are firing optimally,
  • ARP (Accelerated Recovery Performance) Treatment of any new or old injuries to make sure your body stays balanced and healthy, and
  • Ultra-Fit Training which can take you as far as you want to go in terms of speed and strength and overall physical condition.

This Training System will do amazing things for your balance, strength and overall fitness. We are all Athletes in the game of life and we need to be able to perform at our best.

The ARPwave System was developed by Denis Thompson, the nation’s foremost authority on neurological muscle stimulation and Jay Schroeder, the creator of the EvoSport/UltraFit Strength Protocols, the nation’s leading authority on strength rehabilitation. The ARPwave System includes the ARP machine- our exclusive proprietary neurological stimulator, ARP Protocols and the UltraFit Strength & Rehabilitation Protocols.

In the Tri-State Area, you can experience all of the many facets of the ARPwave System including UltraFit at the:

ARPwaveNJ- home office
59 Upper Hibernia Road
Rockaway, New Jersey 07866
Phone: 201.572.3887

Jay Pandolfo- Professional Hockey Player, NJ Devils, 2-Time Stanley Cup Champion, Ironman streak of 283 consecutive games played, 2006-07 Frank J. Selke Trophy finalist for Best Defensive Forward in the NHL.

Jay suffered a severe groin/low back injury on 11-28-2007 which can take 18 to 24 months to heal. After 7 weeks of traditional medical treatment, Jay’s progress had stopped. ‘Pando’ was referred to us. Lin and I consulted with Denis Thompson and Jay Schroeder at ARPwave headquarters in Minnesota and came up with a game plan.
Within 7 days of his 1st ARP treatment he was skating full speed. 11 days later Jay Pandolfo was back playing full time for the Devils and did not miss another game for the rest of the NHL regular season and Stanley Cup Playoffs.

‘Thanks to Russell and Lin Jones and the ARP program. I was able to get back on the ice FAST and stayed strong with the UltraFit Training. All athletes should seriously consider what ARPwaveNJ has to offer.’- Jay Pandolfo

All questions should be referred to our New Jersey operation via e-mail or 201.572.3887.